Pokemon Light Platinum Cheat, Download and Walkthrough

Crazy about Pokemon Light Platinum? Know all about this Pokemon hack game from its cheats and Gameshark codes to trading, we have it all in here

When you step into the world of Pokemon gaming, just make sure you try out the best of all which is Pokemon Light platinum. There might be a lot of Pokemon hack ROM but all of it is not complete and they don’t play perfectly without any bug.

Its debatable though if you are reading this, you seem like a Pokemon fan so, it is not hard to guess that you have tried out most of the Pokemon series like Pokemon flora sky, Pokemon snakewood, Pokemon ruby destiny, being a Pokefan gives you a lot to go around, the adventure just doesn’t stop but if you want to get into a discussion, just know that Pokemon light platinum has it all.

It Every attraction and additional perks a user looks for, if you want an honest suggestion you should most definitely play the Pokemon light platinum because many new features keep getting added and some Pokemon 4th generation is also available.


Since Pokemon light platinum is the hack version of Pokemon Ruby, so can more or less use all the cheats of Pokemon ruby in Pokemon light platinum normally. So now that you are this far from this article know that we are about to show you some of the best Pokemon light platinum Gameshark codes which will help you complete the game easily.

Here are some of the tested cheats that you can try which is with visual boy advance GBA emulators, take a look at few of the best

Gameshark codes on VBA

These easy steps are going to tell you all about the gameshark cheats that you can try. Get a level up with these few easy steps, no limit to how much you can put in so just go about it.

  • VisualBoyAdvance.exe on Windows

First, download the visual boy advance file for your windows and try to run the file it should look something like this

Pokemon Light Platinum

  • After the install, this is how your Pokemon light platinum GBA ROM will look like

  • In the third step, you can load and save the game after which just go to the Pokemon center and get the access to your own PC  

pokemon light platinum game

  • Then on the visual boy advance screen select the “cheats” menu that you can find next to the “cheat list”

pokemon light platinum cheat

Now that you have reached to this point just make sure you click ‘gameshark” and input the just keep adding the cheat codes there is no limit but first, you have to input the master code in the VBA emulator for any other codes to work, here’s the master code.




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There are some details on how and where to trade when you are into the world of Pokemon so here are some of the hidden spots where you can do the trading easily, remember them and use them well to make the Pokemon journey even more exciting.

Trade 1:

Location- inshore city Pokemon:spinarak for scyther its achievable (with metal coat)

Trade 2:

Location-seaport city pokemon:carvanha for seadra its achievable (with dragon scale)

Trade 3:

Location- Dardusk city pokemon:kirlia for haunter

Trade 4:

Location- Groment city pokemon:Torkoal for Onix its achievable(with Metal Coat)

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We have covered the most important points which would be very valuable to most of the pokefans, the tradings, and the gamesharks emulators to get you going. No wonder Pokemon light platinum has been one of the addictive version in all the Pokemon series, and hope you get the best out of these cheat codes tradings.

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